Weather-beaten Tinakori Hill

I walked home over the Tinakori Hill again this evening. I haven’t been going home that way as often in the last couple of weeks, maybe only three or four times. This is probably a little to do with the onset of winter, and also that it’s become more apparent to me over time that it’s almost certainly more direct to go around Tinakori Hill rather than over it (about 35 minutes’ walk instead of 45 minutes), and that’s been tempting given I haven’t been feeling as energetic lately. There have been a couple of small deluges of heavy rain over the last week or so, and I’m often quite impressed walking around the place a good 8 hours later, still being able to hear the water running through the various channels near the surface as it seeps out of the ground.

This afternoon the hill was looking rather weather-beaten. It wasn’t anywhere near as destroyed as I’ve seen it in the past, but there were certainly a couple of tracks with fallen trees partly blocking them and perhaps it’s a sign of things to come over the next few years. It’s just a reminder that trees fall over, I guess.

We’re off to Cattle Ridge in the Tararuas to do some navigation-like things this weekend, on another club trip, and it looks as if it might rain. I’m not sure exactly where in the vicinity of Cattle Ridge because I haven’t been concerned enough to find out, but I’m sure Sam (who’s organising it) has some ideas and I’ll find out tomorrow evening if not later on. I guess if the shape of the land doesn’t let us easily walk around in circles, he probably has a backup plan for us to walk around in triangles or hexagons or icosagons, or even something non-symmetrical if we’re so daring. It’ll be fun.

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