Stacey’s dad broke my knees


Hmmm, first entry. Why do I want a weblog? I don’t know; just to try it out I guess. Please accept it as my own contribution to the useless content of the web.

I was actually warned on this trip around Mt Holdsworth about bouncing around too much on the track. Someone (I forget who) pointed out to me that I should really be careful of damaging my knees. Anyway, I didn’t listen much then, and a few weeks later I managed to jar my right knee into quite a bad state.

I did it when I was being led up into Egmont National Park for a daywalk over Christmas by Stacey’s dad, and I heard he was pretty happy to hear afterwards that I’d been injured. 🙂 I probably did it during the 6 km walk downhill along the road at the end. I didn’t notice it was so bad until a couple of days later when I was in the middle of an overnight trip in the park, but the end result is that I’ve been left with a knee that I haven’t been able to walk on much for the last couple of weeks. The physio thinks it might be another week or two, and because of it, I’ve had to pull out of at least one tramp that I really wanted to go on.

It’s also causing problems for my shopping habit. I’ve been wanting to buy some new hiking boots for a while now, because I’ve done a lack-lustre job of looking after my old ones. (8 months and they’re starting to let water in around the soles, which should teach me to make sure I properly put lots of icky wax stuff on them before using them.) So far I’ve made several tours of all the tramping shops, and I’m pretty sure I know what I want, but I can’t actually try them on because my painful knee seems to want to obliterate any useful perception of whether the particular boots I’m wearing at the time are the right ones for me. It’s getting better, though.

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