Trip: North Egmont Overnight

For the record, here are some more details of my overnight trip around North Egmont, during which I managed to make my knee injury a bit worse. Spending christmas with Stacey’s family in Taranaki was a perfect excuse to go for a wander around Egmont National Park.

Dates: 29th – 30th December, 2006
Location: Egmont National Park
Huts visited: Pouakai Hut (0 nights), Holly Hut (1 night), Maketawa Hut (0 nights).
People: Just me.


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I’d wanted to zig-zag around the tracks a bit more than I did on the first day, but I decided not to due to some uncertain weather, and an increasingly annoying knee problem I was having after apparently damaging it somehow on a daywalk in the park a few days beforehand. Consequently, I had quite an easy 3-4 hour walk on the first day (even going slowly with my broken knee), ending up at Holly Hut a little before 3pm.

It did actually rain a lot, but nearly all of it came overnight. The whole track was quite muddy, and this made it even muddier. (Yay for mud.)

Saturday morning was also easy, although there were lots of landslips to get over in the second half of the track. (One of them nearly got me a couple of times when I picked the wrong rocks to support myself on. Ouch.)

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