A popular comet

We just went down to the south coast for another look at Comet McNaught, and wow! I was flabbergasted to see how much traffic there was. I thought it was popular a week ago when the parking area west of Island Bay was full, but tonight the roads themselves were full. It wasn’t just difficult to find a parking space, it was difficult to find a place where it was even possible to stop.

At first we thought there must be some other kind of event on, but after asking around, it turned out that it was just Comet McNaught. Even as the comet gets fainter, it seems that it’s just getting more and more popular. Perhaps it’s just a word of mouth thing — so many people are suddenly hearing from their friends that this actually is a real thing, and that they actually will see something very bright if they take the time to go and look.

Yay for bright comets.

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