Travel sinking in

It’s been a whole weekend without any tramping, and it’s starting to sink in that I’m flying out of here a week from now. I went into work for part of yesterday and this morning, because I couldn’t think of anything else to do. Then this afternoon, I walked home the long way, and found a new track through the town belt around the Newtown end of Mt Vic.

My biggest thing today has been figuring out which documents I need to get photocopied, and then what to do with the copies, which bits I’ll need to keep available around the airports, versus the bits I can stash away, and so on. I’ve also been busy taking photos of them all, so I have some electronic copies I can send around to people as a backup. Even as I write this, I’ve just realised that when I was at work today, I should have printed out a copy of the instructions for the language school. I have to buy another padlock too, and also a heap of extra chocolate because Stacey’s said that Chile doesn’t really do chocolate very well. If I’m not careful, I might turn up in Santiago with 10 kilograms of all the basic varieties of chocolate.

I tried to clean some of the dried mud off the bottom of my pack last night. I thought I’d gotten it off, but then it dried a little and it became obvious there was still quite a lot of dirt there. My concern isn’t so much getting it into Chile as it is getting it back into New Zealand on the way back. NZ customs is very strict about dirt from other countries (especially farm dirt) because of the biological threat, and I wonder if convincing them that it’s really good old New Zealand mud that’s just followed me around the world for a bit could be a slight problem.

Anyway, I’ll see how things go.

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