Hooray, I got my shoes back

Two weeks, three weekends, plus an additional week of drying out time later, my trampey boots finally came back from Christchurch. (This is a 35 minute flight or overnight courier.) They had a note attached from the distributor saying that unfortunately the rubber wasn’t split enough to be able to repair them, and suggested that I keep wearing them. The retailer then had them fixed in Wellington, and I got them back again. I wasn’t really expecting to get a credit, and after the previous experience I wasn’t so surprised about the length of time it took, but I was a bit flummoxed that they didn’t even repair them at all.

Not that it matters for the next two months of course, because I’m going overseas and I’m not taking them with me. (Only because they’re heavy winter boots and somewhat inconvenient to pack.) I’ll see how they go when I come back, in any case. I still have about another six months after getting back before the warranty expires.

In other news, I’ve been playing with Google Docs seriously for the first time, using it for organising my packing list. It’s quite useful that Stacey’s able to edit the document from Chile and keep any notes or statuses up to date.

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