Yet another attempt at Kapiti Island

We’re having yet another attempt at Kapiti Island on this coming weekend, after the previous two efforts to get there failed due to forecasts of undesirable wind. I guess it’s the time of year, but with DOC having taken our $22 for visiting permits, we should definitely get there sooner or later. Maybe third time lucky, perhaps? I’m sick at home today which has been a minor let-down, but if I’m still sick then and the weather’s nice enough to go, I’ll be very disappointed.

Meanwhile, we’ve been down to Otari-Wilton’s Bush a few times recently, which is within an easy walking distance and has helped to pass the time. It’s a very nice place to wander around. I suppose it’s one of the reasons I enjoy Wellington so much, given that between all the population it’s still easy to find places where it feels as if you’re much further away.

On an unrelated meta note, I’ve been tinkering with the code to make it easier to monitor comments posted to this site, if you happen to be that way inclined. There are now RSS feeds for comments on the entire site (check the upper-right corner of this page), or for individual posts (scroll to the end of any post). Also, if you post a comment, you should now be able to tick a box to receive an email if and when any follow-up comments are posted. Furthermore, there’s now a Preview button which should help to give you some idea of what the comment might look like without having to actually post it.

The other notable technical change has been some of the OpenID-related things. If you have an OpenID, it should now be easier to use it to log in or to leave a comment here without having to create an account, and so on. If you don’t have one, and don’t wish to have one, of course, you should still be able to manually type a name when entering a comment. Please let me know if you happen to notice anything that doesn’t seem to be working properly with any of this.

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