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Yet another attempt at Kapiti Island

We’re having yet another attempt at Kapiti Island on this coming weekend, after the previous two efforts to get there failed due to forecasts of undesirable wind. I guess it’s the time of year, but with DOC having taken our $22 for visiting permits, we should definitely get there sooner or later. Maybe third time lucky, perhaps? I’m sick at home today which has been a minor let-down, but if I’m still sick then and the weather’s nice enough to go, I’ll be very disappointed.

Meanwhile, we’ve been down to Otari-Wilton’s Bush [1] a few times recently, which is within an easy walking distance and has helped to pass the time. It’s a very nice place to wander around. I suppose it’s one of the reasons I enjoy Wellington so much, given that between all the population it’s still easy to find places where it feels as if you’re much further away.

On an unrelated meta note, I’ve been tinkering with the code to make it easier to monitor comments posted to this site, if you happen to be that way inclined. There are now RSS feeds for comments on the entire site (check the upper-right corner of this page), or for individual posts (scroll to the end of any post). Also, if you post a comment, you should now be able to tick a box to receive an email if and when any follow-up comments are posted. Furthermore, there’s now a Preview button which should help to give you some idea of what the comment might look like without having to actually post it.

The other notable technical change has been some of the OpenID-related things. If you have an OpenID [2], it should now be easier to use it to log in or to leave a comment here without having to create an account, and so on. If you don’t have one, and don’t wish to have one, of course, you should still be able to manually type a name when entering a comment. Please let me know if you happen to notice anything that doesn’t seem to be working properly with any of this.

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3 Comments To "Yet another attempt at Kapiti Island"

#1 Comment By Heatner On 17 August, 2013 @ 12:09 pm

You are right about Wellington. I am a West Coaster by birth but I live in Porirua. I work full time but I love getting out and about on walks. I know what you mean about the wind. I find it invigorating.I find the wind energising and refreshing.
Recently I had a couple of days leave and I took the train to Pukerua Bay and walked around the beach to Plimmerton.The following day I did the Bottomley park walk(off Champion st ,Porirua). I think it`s about 5 km`s doing the round trip. That`s a very picturesque walk. It`s the original dirt road which winds through bush and valleys. I saw three waterfalls on the way. It`s as if you are miles away from everything, but only a few hundred meters from houses.
I like to walk to work from Porirua to Grenada north.I leave at 5.15am and get there about 7.15am..There is a new walkway from Porirua to Takapu road station. It goes along the Porirua streambank and cuts over to the Linden cricket ground.( they are still building the bridge over to the cricket ground).. then along to the Tawa station , continue along the walkway on the eastside of the station right through to the Takapu Road station.. The end bit is still under construction.
I want to walk from Porirua to the Hutt one day. That will be my next big walk.

#2 Comment By Mike McGavin On 17 August, 2013 @ 12:36 pm

Hi Heatner. Thanks for the notes. Yes, between Porirua and the Hutt Valley is a great way to spend a day if you’re keen to remain in the Wellington Region. Standing around Belmont Trig, or one of the nearby points, is an interesting way to view many different parts of the region from Wellington Harbour, to the Hutt Valley with the Rimutaka Range behind it, to Porirua Harbour, and northwards towards the Tararua Range. They can’t normally be seen all at once, but from that point on a high visibility day, you’re sort of smack in the middle of it all.

If you want a shorter trip, you could aim for the Korokoro Stream exit (near Petone), or for a longer trip aim for the Dry Creek exit (near Haywards Hill Road and Manor Park station). Just be aware that the Dry Creek side of the park gets cut off from the rest of the park during Lambing Season, which (this year at least) is between 15th August and 20th October, so it’s already started. Apparently they also have some concerns in there right now regarding storm damage and potential un-checked earthquake damage, but it’s probably okay as long as you remain reasonably alert and careful.

I’ve also walked out via Belmont Road, onto Haywards Road, a couple of times, then walked around the road to Paremata Station. I wouldn’t recommend it except for a long day with lots of daylight, if only because Paremata Road, alongside the inlet, is dreadful to walk on, especially if it’s getting dark. There’s almost no space for pedestrians, combined with relatively high-speed drivers who are unlikely to be expecting people around any of many corners.


#3 Comment By Heatner On 19 August, 2013 @ 10:40 pm

Hi Mike.. Thanks for your reply.I`m very skittish about walking along roads such as Paremata Road, alongside the inlet,,, because of the traffic.I feel the same about Middleton Road ( from Tawa to Johnsonville.)
I got the bus to Johnsonville from my work at Tawa one day , and walked from Johnsonville to the Terrace Wellington. That was quite nice and it was safe.
There is always so much to see on these walks…. trees, birds, clouds,hillsides and the vagaries of the weather just makes it more interesting to me.