Wellington Snowgum

Stacey and I were in town earlier today, a couple of hours before the Tip Top Santa Parade, and we noticed that a Snowgum Clearance Shop seems to have opened in the Grand Arcade. Snowgum is an Australian outdoor retail outlet which also has retailers in Christchurch and Auckland. The new Wellington Clearance outlet is hidden underneath the escalators, in the same place where Mainly Tramping used to be before it closed down. (In fact, the old Mainly Tramping banner is still above the door.) It mostly seems to be clothes and footwear at the moment.

Whether it’ll stay as a permanent fixture and become a complete Snowgum outlet, or simply remain a temporary clearance outlet, is an open question. I asked one of the people there and she wasn’t completely sure, but she thought they were testing Wellington at the moment to see how it goes and what sort of reaction there is. Perhaps it’ll help to fill part of the void of outdoor retailers at the moment, which has existed since Mainly Tramping and Tisdalls closed down.

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