Diabetic Chocolate

Milk Chocolate in Chile

Before I left New Zealand, Stacey put through a special request for me to bring lots of New Zealand chocolate. Even though I only bothered to bring some standard supermarket chocolate (500 grams of standard dairy milk, 250 grams of mint chips and 250 grams of Black Forest), I can now appreciate why.

In Chile, it’s possible to buy chocolate that’s made by Cadbury, packaged in a very similar way, and that claims to be “milk chocolate”. There’s probably a problem with the cows in Argentina where it’s manufactured, though, because as Stacey pointed out, the stuff is diabetic chocolate. It’s flavourless.

This isn’t to say that Chile can’t make good chocolate in other places. We just had some great chocolate ice cream for dinner tonight from the supermarket downstairs that was very tasty, and I got more than my share because Stacey doesn’t like chocolate ice cream anyway. They can also do chocolate milk in several different varieties, despite the fact that most of the regular milk is done as milk powder. For some reason though, they just don’t do (real) milk chocolate.

We had an interesting trip to Curico on the weekend, which is a small Levin-like town south of Santiago, where Panchi’s family lives. (Panchi is the friend of Stacey who’s letting us stay in her apartment in Santiago.) I’ll write about it later when I get time, but it’s 11.40pm so I should probably go and learn a heap of irregular verb endings for an Espanol test that I have tomorrow morning.

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