How to be less insane

Apoligies for the double negative. The work things have finished and I’ve met up with Shaun and Sarah. We’ve already been to DC for a couple of days, which I heartily recommend — the Smithsonian Air and Space museum and the Spy Museum are both awesome. I won’t dwell on these in this post, however.

After 2.5 weeks stuck in cities (or hotels), I finally had an opportunity to get out and go for a walk. This is good, because being stuck in hotels and in the city has been driving me insane. The only problem is that I don’t know exactly where I went. Shaun suggested the Blue Mountain Twin Summits Trail, which is part of Blue Mountain Reservation. I caught a Metro North train from New York up to a town called Peekskill, on the edge of the Hudson River. From the local railway station at Peekskill, it’s a roughly 1.609344 km walk to the entrance of Blue Range Reservation at the end of Lounsbury Lane.

I haven’t brought much gear with me and I was hoping the area would be well formed enough that my regular sneakers would be enough. Despite the snow, this was fine. I probably should have done more research about the route, however, as it turned out that although track markers of a variety of colours were marked on many of the trees, there was very little information about which markers led to where.

In the end, I decided to just pick some colours and start following, keep an eye on where I was going, and be prepared to turn around and come back the same way if I needed to. Having a sunny day was also beneficial, because it made it easy to estimate which directions I was walking in. I started by following an orange and yellow trail in a roughly south-easterly direction, which quickly split up and I followed the orange branch. This contined for a while before I ended up on a white trail, eventually becoming a blue trail and then something else which I don’t really remember. I went around something in an anti-clockwise direction according to the relative position of the Sun at various times, but I think I might have cut some corners of the entire twin summits trail, and I have no idea whether I reached the top of any summit at all, and there didn’t seem to be a lot of variation in the landscape in the places where I went.

None of this matters, because I managed to get outside. It’d be nice to get out properly in the USA, but I don’t really have time on this trip. Meanwhile, however, today’s experience has rejuvinated my sanity until such time as I manage to get back outdoors back home in New Zealand.

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