You can’t beat Wellington on a good day

All parts of New Zealand have great things going for them, but the target of my unending bias is definitely the Wellington region. This is the case even though I’ve been absent for the past 2.5 years, living in Melbourne for secondary employment reasons. I’m aware that the region gets its share of weather events which are sometimes unpleasant to live with, yet it’s events like last week’s relatively newsworthy storm which also cause me to feel most home-sick. It’s the type of thing I would have written about if there at the time.

Sunny and consistent weather is okay for a few minutes, but I appreciate being able to walk around a hill-top in the town belt during a strong wind, or sit on the rocks during a southerly gale under the sheltered northern end of the Wellington Airport runway, watching the flights awkwardly drop to the runway from directly underneath. When living locally, it’s the type of thing I often enjoyed writing about between everything else which ends up here, but it’s been lacking during the time I’ve been away.

Wellington on 24th July, 2008.
Wellington on 24th July, 2008.

I like thinking about aspects of back-country safety and recreational policy and many other NZ-related topics which have consumed much of my time, but prior to shifting away I also enjoyed checking out the more localised New Zealand environment. There’s something about an act as simple as walking up to Field Hut, shortly after most of the route has been thrashed by the forces of the weather, which helps me to appreciate New Zealand as a place. One way or another, New Zealand is all about weather.

Once again things are changing, however. There are still some things to work out, but as of about August we’ll be hopping back to live in Wellington again. I’m looking forward to it for the reasons I’ve just mentioned, but also for the friends and the family and all the other little differences. New Zealand and Australia are similar in many ways, but they’re very different in many other ways, and for me I think the latter are the ways which I appreciate most. Melbourne’s been great for a variety of reasons which I’ll not list here, and I’ll miss certain things, but it’ll be nice to be back with a one-way flight.

In unrelated news, we’ll be getting a new addition to the family in a few months’ time. Times change, I guess.

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