Expensive compasses

I went shopping for a compass at lunch time today, as I can’t find my old one since arriving back. It turns out that not much has changed: the cheapest basic base-plate compass in a tramping shop is $30, and the ones worth getting are at least $45. Fortunately I managed to get a Coleman compass identical to my old one from Rebel Sport, which as far as I can tell is just as good, except it’s not a fancy Suunto or Silva branded compass with shiny lights and mirrors all over it.

I’m going away with the trampey club this weekend, although only to Cattle Creek (in the Ruahines). I signed up to this trip late after another one fell through. I’ve pretty much finished packing, but trying to fit in my own tent fly as well as the trampey club’s large one is a real pain. I have to put the big one at the top, because it’s the first thing everyone will want for camping at the road-end on Friday night. When I re-pack on Saturday morning, it’ll be going right down the bottom. I can guarantee that much.

As the first time out since arriving back, I hope it should be lots of fun.

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