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Positive News for Cone Hut

Some have probably already seen this, but following my earlier post [1] regarding the vandalism of Cone Hut, Stuff reports that there’s been a positive and concerted effort [2] to repair and restore it to a state better than what it was in previously. Most of the thanks goes to DOC staff and volunteers from the Tararua Tramping Club, and a more direct source of info than Stuff’s report can be found in DOC’s blog [3].

This is great, and thanks to everyone involved. The only sadness here is that there was vandalism in the first place. Cone Hut’s unfortunately not the only back-country facility to have suffered vandalism, although its historic status and the way it stands out to many visitors, moreso than some surrounding facilities, seemed to garner a higher than usual amount of attention and discussion.

Hopefully it’ll be around for another 70 years, with the help of everyone who values it.