I’m outta here

…at least for a while.

I normally try to steer away from meta posts, but it seems important to note here that as of the end of this year, Stacey and I will be leaving New Zealand shores and living in Melbourne. It’s been a very tough decision, which sadly comes down to a general lack of science funding in New Zealand contrasting with relatively enthusiastic science funding in Australia.

This will mean I’ll not get to go tramping in New Zealand as frequently, and I expect the frequency of posts on this blog to drop as a consequence.

With Windy Hilltops having evolved into a nice theme about local tramping, particularly biased towards the lower North Island (despite the occasional offtopic post), I’ve decided that I don’t want to pollute it with extensive material regarding whatever I get up to over the longer term in Australia. I do intend to keep following happenings in New Zealand, and will likely continue to write about them from time to time. The details of how this will turn out isn’t yet clear, but I hope I’ll continue to find things to write about.

If I do something interesting enough while overseas, I may experiment with starting another blog, and will post a reference from here if something gets established. It’d have to be something quite well themed, because I’m not exactly into writing about personal day-to-day issues online.

It’ll be nice to be back at some point. We like New Zealand a lot, but exactly when and under what circumstances is a matter for time to help decide. Meanwhile, thanks everyone for taking an interest in the writings here, and for offering the feedback and thoughts in the comments that show up from time to time. It’s awesome.

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