Otaki Gorge Road Closed, Also for Foot Access

Just quickly, for now at least, it looks as if Otaki Gorge Road has been closed. Not just for vehicles due to the usual slip, but also to foot access. At this time, it also appears to be indefinite.

Alternatively, here’s the announcement from the Kapiti Coast District Council. The latest status of the road can be checked here.

The reason? New cracks found above when clearing the road from an earlier slip. It won’t be until next year before more detailed survey work can be carried out to determine the scale of the problem.

This sounds potentially serious and hopefully it doesn’t result in long term blocking of access to Otaki Forks from outside the Tararuas. That entrance is, by a substantial margin, the most major entrance and exit point on the western side of the range.

[Edit 23-Dec-2015, 5.50pm: Further information from Radio New Zealand Checkpoint.]

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