And this is Wellington on a good day

At the top of Kaukau...
Mt Kaukau on a not-so-clear
day, just over a year ago.

New Zealand was the subject of very strong winds for much of today. Roofs were blown off houses, trucks were blown over, trees were blown down, windows and walls were blown out, power lines were wrecked, and roads were closed.

Windy Wellington City meanwhile (as outsiders sometimes call it) had a very calm and sunny day, although I was stuck at work at the time. This didn’t stop TV3 from announcing during its weather bulletin that Wellington’s Mount Kaukau, which I can see from my desk and is an hour’s walk away, recorded the country’s highest gust of wind in the country. It was reportedly somewhere above 150 km/h. I guess it just shows how much contrast there can be within such a short distance depending on which places are sheltered more.

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