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Hooray! I’m not a nutcase.

Excellent; It turns out I haven’t lost my mind. On this trip over High Ridge [1], back in March, we found that one of the signs in Powell Hut had an incorrect phone number for the nearby DOC ranger. In fact, the number didn’t even have enough digits. I exchanged some emails with someone in a DOC office shortly after that trip, who eventually decided I must have been remembering things wrong, because the sign could only have been an orientation map, and the PDF of that map which he had in front of him did indeed have the correct number. Basically I was told outright that people scribble all kinds of crazy things in huts and that this wasn’t a DOC sign, and I shouldn’t take too much notice of it.


Well, a few weeks ago, Amelia [3] went past Powell Hut and took a photo for me that proves that I’m not a complete nut-case, or at the very least is consistent with that theory. Eight months later, it looks as if someone’s crossed out the number and written the correct one, but that doesn’t really bother me. (Thanks Amelia.)

In other news, I joined an informal WTMC group this evening, walking up the Tip Track to the Radar Dome in Te Kopahou Reserve. Bronwyn, Marie and I all compared our identical $40 altimeters. They did quite well staying consistent with each other, whatever that means.

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#1 Comment By David Taylor On 7 December, 2007 @ 1:08 pm

I am trying to find a altimeter for a resonable price and am struggling. You mention you have $40 altimeters in your article, could you tell me what they are (ie brand, model etc), where you can get them, and how good you think they are.



#2 Comment By izogi On 7 December, 2007 @ 1:44 pm

Hi David. I got mine through Trademe, which is a very New Zealand-specific auction site. (Similar to ebay I guess but it got to NZ before ebay did.) The altimeter is an Oregon Scientific Outbreaker Plus sports watch, and when I did a quick search early on it looked as if most online retailers I could find were charging quite a bit more than what I paid.

The guy selling them is [10] for what it’s worth, and it looks as if he still hasn’t run out of them. I’m not sure what sort of luck you’d have getting him to ship overseas, but you could always ask. (Note that the prices on that site are in $NZ.)

Having said all of this, I still haven’t decided just how accurate it is. We were up at 1500 metres last weekend and the thing was going out by quite a lot at times, while someone else in the group with another altimeter was getting much more consistent readings.

#3 Comment By izogi On 7 December, 2007 @ 2:10 pm

Hmmm.. I just noticed that according to the IP address you posted from, you probably are from New Zealand, so I guess it’s not so much of an issue. Generally I’ve found it to be okay so far, but there have been one or two occasions when I’ve been a bit suspicious — I haven’t really had it long enough to know for sure. It’s quite possible that the reason it was out by a lot last weekend was because it was getting shaken around a lot on the outside of my pack, or maybe the batteries are going a bit flat.

#4 Comment By David Taylor On 10 December, 2007 @ 1:09 pm

You are right i am from NZ, wellington even 🙂
had noticed some entries on trade me but was a bit suspect on what the quality would be like. Cheers for your help


#5 Comment By Mike McGavin On 10 December, 2007 @ 2:09 pm

No problem. That particular one comes with a heart monitor that can be plugged in, for what it’s worth, although I’ve never tried it myself. Personally I think it’s good considering the price, but if you bought one I’d probably test it a bit first before relying on it too much. (Well, I guess that probably goes for any altimeter.)

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