A nice New Zealand LandSAR documentary

I may be late again, but it’s nice to discover that someone’s recently made a sane, down-to-earth documentary about New Zealand’s voluntary LandSAR Organisation. It makes a nice change from some of the overseas Search and Rescue videos I’ve come across which often seem to be artificial self-promoting noisy-overvoice and patriotic-music productions that focus on SAR being an heroic high risk profession, and which emphasise elevation of SAR above common people, to be left only for professionals. This NZ LandSAR documentary, on the other hand, spends much time interviewing people who take part, and emphasising how LandSAR is made of regular people with normal jobs. It provides actual information, instead of slow-motion closeups on actresses hopelessly weeping about lost husbands. Hooray!

Courtesy of Morningside Productions for the Open Door Series, the documentary’s available for viewing in the ether, in two parts.

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