Tararua Footprints Online

Many people who visit the Tararuas will have a copy of Merv Rodgers’ book from 1996, Tararua Footprints, on their bookshelf. Historically it’s one of the more authoritative guidebooks on the Tararuas, talking about river systems and valleys and how the routes fit together. It covers different territory from the more recently published Tararua Adventure Guide, which is a more specific guide to specific things to do in the range.

Lately, Tararua Footprints has become very hard to track down, but very awesomely the author has now donated the text to the Tararua Tramping Club for a new online edition.

Although it’s now 16 years out of date, geography doesn’t change much in that time and most of the information is still very relevant. The longer term intent of the TTC is to turn the online edition of the book into an up-to-date working guide to be edited in an ongoing fashion and be the “definitive Tararua Range route guide”.

It’s certainly worth checking out next time you venture into the Tararuas.

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