We’re moving flat

Not much has happened in the last couple of weeks. Work’s started again, and our lease is up soon, so Stacey and I have been out flat hunting to try and find somewhere with a little more space and more afternoon sun. On that topic, we’ll be moving to Wilton (from Brooklyn) in a couple of weeks time, where we’ve found a really nice 3-bedroom house that actually has an affordable rent. (They’re very nice landlords.) It’s really only over the hill from Brooklyn (and along a bit), but it might mean some good opportunities to wander around bits of the other side of Wellington more frequently.

Next weekend, a week before we move, I’m planning to be on a club trip lined up in the Kaimanawas, and that should give me something new to write about. It’s over Wellington Anniversary Weekend so we’ll have an extra day to run around and get lost.

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