South Coast Eclipses

George’s eclipse projection.

Matt’s eclipse projection
(look at the shadow close up).

Just to comment on something else that happened in the last couple of weeks during times when I haven’t been tramping, Stacey and I caught up with some astronomy friends on Wellington’s South Coast on Thursday just over a week ago. Specifically, we took a look at the 2/3 Solar Eclipse that was visible to some extent over most of New Zealand at the convenient time of 5.30pm’ish on Thursday evening.

I went armed with a solar viewing screen that I’d picked up from an earlier eclipse, but several other people brought along several other methods for viewing it, including everything from filtered telescopes down to pin-hole projectors made from kitchen implements. I haven’t had a chance to do much astronomy stuff in the last couple of years, but it was great to catch up with a few friends again.

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