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The Price of Great Walks

Last month an incident occurred, out of season, on the Milford Track. I’ll reflect on a few things before getting to it. In New Zealand we have an enshrined legal right to enter most parts of the Conservation Estate. (I … Continue reading

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Clarity on not charging for Search and Rescue in New Zealand

This incident occurred just over a week ago, but I’ve avoided posting until now. I was annoyed when I first saw it, and still am, but not for the same reason as most other people who have expressed their brief … Continue reading

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A Brief Question: Public Land Access Rights and DoC

The introduction below was an opinion piece thefor the November 2012 Federated Mountain Clubs Bulletin. With permission I’m republishing it, plus extra content that includes legal references and various opinions of my own. Please be mindful that nothing here is … Continue reading

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Heuristic Traps of the Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Leaving South Crater near the end of spring. A rescue that may have been inevitable occurred in Tongariro National Park on Saturday, when 16 people were rescued from the Tongariro Crossing, at least four of whom were in early stages … Continue reading

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A Crossing to Remember: A Tararua Southern Crossing in 1920

Several days ago, I noted that it’s almost 100 years since the Southern Crossing Track was completed, which is pretty cool. This, however, was only the beginning of a significant tourism venture for both the Otaki and Wairarapa regions. At … Continue reading

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Let’s acknowledge some Avoidable Mistakes

Last week was a very media-busy time for people being rescued from the New Zealand back-country. That time of year again, perhaps? Just a general kind’a day when the weather’s not so happy. This eventful day, where our actions were … Continue reading

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How the Cave Creek Accident shaped DoC

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you might have noticed me comment occasionally about ways in which the NZ Department of Conservation’s safety policies influence an experience in the back-country. I refer to things such as asset numbers … Continue reading

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The Next Three Hours

Last weekend, when four of us bailed out of our trip through Leon Kinvig Hut in the Ruahines, part of the reasoning was the weather forecast. All things considered I think we made a good decision, and it started me … Continue reading

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Re-living The Sutch Search (Part 3 of 3)

Following from part one and part two. “It is, therefore, reasonable that the actions of Trampers who become—or are believed to be—lost should be thrown open to examination, and, if necessary, to criticism. When a party that was expected to … Continue reading

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Re-living The Sutch Search (Part 2 of 3)

This post follows part 1 and is continued in part 3. From Evening Post, Issue 100, 1 May 1933, Page 7: TRAMPERS FOUND IN THE TARARUAS AFTER A FORTNIGHT IN THE RANGES.— The four trampers who have been travelling through … Continue reading

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