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Daywalk: The Complete Paekakariki Escarpment Track

Typical. Saturday 9th April 2016 was the official opening day of the Paekakariki Escarpment Track—a new connecting track between Pukerua Bay and Paekakariki, above the railway line along the coast. Intense interest meant that organisers had to restrict entry for … Continue reading

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Thoughts about a Pouakai Crossing route

Recently my attention was caught by Radio NZ briefly publishing an idea about a “Pouakai Crossing” track in Egmont National Park, supposedly to “rival the Tongariro Crossing” according to the headline. On seeing that headline, my first thoughts were admittedly … Continue reading

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Comparing two recent weather-related incidents

Out of everything that’s occurred in recent weeks, I’ve found a couple of incidents interesting to compare. With the first incident, in mid-July, a group of 14 year-old school girls and two instructors were trapped by flooded rivers in the … Continue reading

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Daywalk: A Short Rimutaka Jaunt

This write-up will be far too long compared with the few hours that I spent on actually walking it, but whatever. 😛 With a spare day, I thought I might drive around to Catchpool Valley, where I haven’t been for … Continue reading

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Daywalk: The Kapakapanui Triangle

Our intended Labour Weekend trip was sadly messed up when our intended 3.5 day excursion became a there-and-back-again trip, between Friday night and Saturday evening. This weather had been predicted to continue until Monday night, but fortunes changed. Rather than … Continue reading

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Daywalk: Johnsonville, Spicer Forest, Colonial Knob to Porirua

Mooooooooooo! We’ve now been back in Wellington for a couple of months, and have finally found somewhere to live in Johnsonville. I’m enjoying being back, and I’ve already been for a few scouts up Mt Kaukau for some fresh air. … Continue reading

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Checking out the Paekakariki Escarpment Track

Iconic coastal scenery, albeit without the iconic coastal exposure to the elements. [Note, 23rd April 2016: If you’ve stumbled on this page whilst looking for an account of the newly-opened track, I’ve more recently posted a more complete trip report … Continue reading

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Daywalk: Up Mount Reeves

Meow. With a day to spare in Wellington, I had a thought of attempting to find Snowy Hut in the Tararuas, which I’d be keen to see some day simply through virtue of it not officially existing. To do so … Continue reading

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Daywalk: Hovering around Pouakai Hut, Henry Peak and the Pouakai Summit

Looking back from near Pouakai Summit. Returning from the West Island for a week and a half, I found some time to wander more in the vicinity of Eggie—also one of New Zealand’s cultural centres of insane mountain running. I’d … Continue reading

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Daywalk: Climbing Mount Taranaki from North Egmont

I’ve visited Taranaki a few times in the past few years, and I used to think that clouds stuck to Mt Taranaki in the middle. Now I know that it’s really the entire Taranaki district that’s clouded over, but the … Continue reading

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