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Why can some huts be locked from the inside?

Yesterday, Federated Mountain Clubs published an informal facebook post. It noted an experience at Blue Range Hut, in the Tararuas, where the overnight inhabitants had locked the door from the inside. Most of the discussion under that post has been … Continue reading

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Positive News for Cone Hut

Some have probably already seen this, but following my earlier post regarding the vandalism of Cone Hut, Stuff reports that there’s been a positive and concerted effort to repair and restore it to a state better than what it was … Continue reading

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Cone Hut trashed by vandals

I’ve only just written about what a great deal we’re probably getting on looking after our back-country huts for minimal cost given what’s available, but then this is reported: A historic hut in the Tararua Range, three hours’ walk from … Continue reading

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Updated Hut Maintenance Figures

When back-country hut fees increased several years ago, I wrote with some disappointment about how I saw hut fees as being the price of being honest. I still think that, but it’s not something up for negotiation right now. Back … Continue reading

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Condensing the back-country into Wellington

Steve checks out Robin Hut, battered by wind on Wellington’s South Coast. Earlier today, Eamonn and Steve and I checked out some of the Miniature Hikes huts that have popped up around Wellington, and which should be around until the … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

Mid King Biv in the Tararua Range. On Tuesday a request went out asking for people to point out “loopy rules and regulations”. I ignored it at first, with the politics involved, but soon after Federated Mountain Clubs asked via … Continue reading

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The Downs and Ups and Downs of Kime Hut

I’m unsure what to make of the latest happenings surrounding Kime Hut. This Saturday the TTC had been planning to host its own “opening ceremony” at the hut. If you haven’t heard, however, the TTC has been forced to abandon … Continue reading

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It’s All in the Context

Federated Mountain Clubs, in its October newsletter [PDF], notes the appearance of fake Department of Conservation signs around huts at the Otago/Southland end of the country. Some have political undertones and some just prompting cheap laughs. I’m not aware of … Continue reading

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Cooking gas to be removed from some Tararua Huts

I realise there will be concerns about the Department of Conservation’s Wairarapa Conservancy deciding to remove cooking gas from several huts on the Wairarapa side of the Tararuas. DoC’s current Wairarapa Alerts page lists three of the affected huts as … Continue reading

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Kime Hut Replacement is Actually Happening

Visiting Kime Hut at 9pm on a winter’s night. For several years now there have been rumours that Kime Hut would be replaced, and they’ve been subsequently quashed or pushed back for one reason or another. (Budget issues and such.) … Continue reading

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