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Tararua Range Hut-Bagging Board Game Experiment

A loose symbolic representation of The Tararuas? A few weeks back, in a comment, I alluded to a thought that the Tararua Hutbagging Competition concept could make an awesome board game. I’m thinking towards the more complex and strategic Ticket … Continue reading

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Tramping Hut Users’ Survey

Howlett’s Hut is one of my favourites. If you follow this blog (yippee!) or perhaps if you’ve just stumbled upon it, there’s a reasonable chance that you’re a user of New Zealand’s Back-Country Huts. You might like to consider taking … Continue reading

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Keep an eye on the Tararua hut books

Don’t be too surprised if you get pushed over from behind by a few hut-baggers racing through the Tararuas during the next couple of months. Lower North Island LandSAR is running a Tararua hut-bagging contest for its members. (Specifically with … Continue reading

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Tutuwai Hut damaged

I know a few people who follow this blog visit the Tararuas. If this is you, make a note that Tutuwai Hut is presently damaged thanks to a fallen tree in the recent stormy weather, and officially closed until further … Continue reading

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Huts: Untold stories from back-country New Zealand, by Mark Pickering (review)

This is the second book I’ve read by Mark Pickering, the first having been A Tramper’s Journey, which I liked (the review is here). He’s written many books, and this is a topic that Mark Pickering is especially suited to, … Continue reading

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The Next Three Hours

Last weekend, when four of us bailed out of our trip through Leon Kinvig Hut in the Ruahines, part of the reasoning was the weather forecast. All things considered I think we made a good decision, and it started me … Continue reading

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In Search of Esmond J. Kime

Here’s a slice of history: From Evening Post, Volume CIII, Issue 137, 13 June 1922, Page 8: MISSING TRAMPERS Two Wellington youths, who set out to cross the Tararuas last Thursday morning, have not since been heard of, and their … Continue reading

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Rising hut fees, the price of being honest

I woke on Saturday morning to the Radio NZ news that back-country hut pass fees are to rise, or more to the point that they’ve already risen as of last Friday when the announcement was made. The base cost of … Continue reading

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The Hut Fallacy

A clouded in Kime Hut on the exposed tops of the Southern Crossing, Tararua Range. fallacy [fal-uh-see]. 1. a deceptive, misleading, or false notion, belief, etc.: That the world is flat was at one time a popular fallacy.. 2. a … Continue reading

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