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Browsing Historic Topo Maps with MapsPast

If you like topo maps, and especially trawling through historic topo maps of New Zealand, then check out the new MapsPast website, thrown together by Matt Briggs. Maps are great. For me, looking at maps and understanding what’s around is … Continue reading

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NZMS 260 and 262: Our Metric Topographical Heritage, edited by Graeme Jupp (review)

Topographic maps worldwide often appear utilitarian, if not a little boring graphically. By comparison the new 260s were stylish and modern without losing any utility. They were undoubtedly among the best looking topographic maps in the world. —David Balm, In … Continue reading

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Commemorative feature naming and South Ridge

I’m not too surprised that there’s reported resistance to renaming South Ridge on Aoraki Mount Cook to be Hillary Ridge. The official proposal and request for submissions by the New Zealand Geographic Board, complete with a report of considerations and … Continue reading

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A quick reference online New Zealand topo-map

If you’re sitting in front of a computer right now (very likely) and just want to zoom around New Zealand’s topo maps, you could check out Gavin Harris’s New Zealand Topographic Map website. Gavin’s stitched together all of the current … Continue reading

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Topo50 anomolies

The last couple of days has seen some unusual news whereby the chief guide of the Manawatu Tramping and Skiing Club has been pointing out that some of the new Topo50 maps are wrong, following a trip they had in … Continue reading

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Topo50 map boundaries and Wellington

This post is my attempt to make sense of where the significant boundaries lie in the replacement 1:50000 Topo50 map series pushed out by Land Information New Zealand last September to replace the old 260 series. I can’t guarantee how … Continue reading

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New Topo50 and Topo250 Maps for New Zealand

If you stay informed about maps, you may already know that Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) will be officially changing New Zealand’s Mapping System in September 2009. There will be several obvious changes for people who use LINZ maps for … Continue reading

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