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Topo50 anomolies

The last couple of days has seen some unusual news whereby the chief guide of the Manawatu Tramping and Skiing Club has been pointing out that some of the new Topo50 maps are wrong, following a trip they had in … Continue reading

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Trip: Waterfall Hut via Tussock Creek, and Te Atuaoparapara

Bernie in front of the sunrise behind Rangi Saddle. Last weekend we visited the Ruahines, and I was finally able to see Sunrise Hut, which I’ve heard so much about. It was only a brief part of a much larger … Continue reading

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Trip: Rangiwahia, Te Hekenga, Howletts and Heritage

We finally managed to get around this scenic loop in the Ruahines, which is almost entirely made up of tops travel. It was a weekend of very nice weather, even though a light easterly in the Ruahines meant walking through … Continue reading

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Trip: Rangiwahia to Heritage via Triangle and Iron Gates

Honestly, who would have thought it’d be rainy fogged-in weather on Labour Weekend? Apparently not us, because we had a fairly intensive tramp planned that would have gone from Rangiwahia over to Howletts, then back via Iron Gates. Unfortunately it … Continue reading

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Protecting the landscape in the Tararua District (maybe)

As has recently been pointed out by Robb, who spends a lot of time tramping in the Ruahines, several large energy companies have recently made submissions on the proposed Tararua District Plan. The companies concerned are Genesis Energy, TrustPower, Meridian … Continue reading

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Trip: Howletts Hut via Longview and Taumatataua

Last weekend we visited the Kashmir road-end on the eastern side of the Ruahine Range, which I hadn’t visited since I went up to Longview Hut on a WTMC club trip near the end of 2006. Our group planned to … Continue reading

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Trip: Rangiwahia, Sawtooth and Pourangaki

Distant silhouettes after Sawtooth. Dates: 11th – 13th April, 2008 Location: Ruahine Forest Park, Rangiwahia road-end. People: Alistair, Sarah, Illona, Jane, Amanda, Dirk, Paul, Harry, Craig and meeeee. Huts visited: Rangiwahia Hut (1 night), Pourangaki Hut (1 night). Route: Past … Continue reading

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Trip: Rangiwahia, Maungamahue, Te Hekenga, Triangle

12 people in a 6 bunk hut. The weather report for the weekend indicated what looked to be quite a violent deluge of a front smothering the entire country all at once, from north to south. The met service was … Continue reading

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Nice panoramas

I managed to get a couple of nice panoramas on last weekend’s trip, both on Sunday morning. They’ve been stitched using hugin, which I’m just now starting to learn how to use. The first shows a very snow-covered Ruapehu on … Continue reading

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Trip: Purity, Pourangaki, Kelly Knight

I’d seen some weather maps during the Friday afternoon before we left on this trip, suggesting that a massive splodge of rain was heading for the approximate area of the central North Island. This was to be my first attempt … Continue reading

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