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Not my preferred form of agony

Here’s a quick pointer towards the Tararua Fastest-Known-Times site, which has been spread around social media in the last few days. It caters to a mentality which doesn’t so much appeal to me, but which has a good following. My … Continue reading

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Thoughts about a Pouakai Crossing route

Recently my attention was caught by Radio NZ briefly publishing an idea about a “Pouakai Crossing” track in Egmont National Park, supposedly to “rival the Tongariro Crossing” according to the headline. On seeing that headline, my first thoughts were admittedly … Continue reading

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Recreational impressions of New Plymouth

I’ve been back in Wellington for a week now, but I suppose there’s one lasting impression I wanted to express about Taranaki and specifically New Plymouth which I’ve now visited quite a few times over the last several years. Even … Continue reading

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Daywalk: Pouakai Hut from Mangorei Road

I’m presently in Taranaki, where Stacey’s family lives, so I’ve been going for walks around here in the last short while. A few days after I returned from a 2 night solo walk around another part of Egmont (which I’ll … Continue reading

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Yay for Taranaki

I forgot to mention that we’re leaving to head up to Taranaki early’ish tomorrow where two different sides of Stacey’s family will be having two separate re-union things, and after that I’m hoping to get out for a couple of … Continue reading

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Back from Taranaki

We returned from Taranaki on Thursday, after a nice (albeit short) trip away. I was quite keen to come back to Wellington via Palmerston North, mostly because I haven’t been that way for a very long time, and I really … Continue reading

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Trip: North Egmont Overnight

For the record, here are some more details of my overnight trip around North Egmont, during which I managed to make my knee injury a bit worse. Spending christmas with Stacey’s family in Taranaki was a perfect excuse to go … Continue reading

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Stacey’s dad broke my knees

Uphill Hmmm, first entry. Why do I want a weblog? I don’t know; just to try it out I guess. Please accept it as my own contribution to the useless content of the web. I was actually warned on this … Continue reading

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