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Heuristic Traps of the Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Leaving South Crater near the end of spring. A rescue that may have been inevitable occurred in Tongariro National Park on Saturday, when 16 people were rescued from the Tongariro Crossing, at least four of whom were in early stages … Continue reading

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Tongariro Crossing Dangers

Just quickly, this 5 minute Close Up report clearly demonstrates what’s wrong with the Tongariro Crossing right now, and why probably nothing’s going to change until there’s an unexpected storm that wipes 50 tourists off the mountain. Hopefully that change, … Continue reading

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Daywalk: Ruapehu Crater Lake

The summit plateau during summer, Dome Shelter partly obscured behind. If you followed his blog, you’d think that Craig never leaves his bike behind these days. He occasionally gets out in tramping boots though, which is great because he’s probably … Continue reading

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Learning to slide down a mountain

Looking over Whakapapa Skifield, Mt Ruapehu. For two of the last three weekends I’ve been taking a snowcraft course with tongue and meats up at Mt Ruapehu. The course is basically a toned down alpine course, which includes things like … Continue reading

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Daywalk: The Tongariro Crossing

Date: 11th November, 2006 Location: Tongariro National Park Huts visited: Mangatepopo Hut (0 nights), Ketetahi Hut. People: Dave, Celeste, Stacey and me. [Photos] Dave, Celeste, Stacey and I went up to Tongariro National Park for the weekend with the specific … Continue reading

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