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A little about fundamental legal access to conservation land

I have to mention just how glad I am that New Zealand parks aren’t subject to the same kind of bureaucratic mess that seems to have been occurring with National Parks throughout the USA over the past few days. In … Continue reading

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Final thoughts

Travelling is a really fascinating thing, but something that gets me about it is that it’s a way to notice just how screwed up the world can really be. I’ve just come back from the USA where briefly I visited … Continue reading

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How to be less insane

Apoligies for the double negative. The work things have finished and I’ve met up with Shaun and Sarah. We’ve already been to DC for a couple of days, which I heartily recommend — the Smithsonian Air and Space museum and … Continue reading

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A world of small differences

This isn’t a trampey-related post, but I thought I’d write an update about what’s going on. In short, I made it to the USA without any incidents. After an overnight stop in San Francisco, we flew into JFK in New … Continue reading

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Outdoors in New York

I was all set up to enjoy a nice trip to the Kahurangis over Wellington Anniversary Weekend, which is this coming weekend. The bad news is that I had to pull out, which I’m quite saddened about because I haven’t … Continue reading

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